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St. Mary's Newboro

St. Mary's NewboroAnglican's living in the hamlet of Newboro in the mid 1800's were worshiping at the Tent homestead until Benjamin Test Sr. donated a plot of land and the money to complete our current building in 1850.    The stone for the building and the butternut timber for the pews were sourced locally.  The church itself is a simple Saxon style with high walls, a square tower and short spire.  Inside the Church there are 9 beautiful stained glass windows, a curved communion rail and of course a wonderful and welcoming group of people!

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We worship together on Sunday mornings at 9 am with a combination of Communion and Morning Prayer Services.  For a full schedule of services click this link  

You are always welcome and we would love to have you join us!

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Our 172 year old building is much loved and kept in great shape by our congregation.  We make a pretty good project team!


Our Church is a big part of our wonderful community of Newboro Ontario

Newboro is a friendly community on the shores of Newboro Lake and the Rideau Canal System.  A great place to explore and grab some lunch after a Sunday Service (hint, hint)

We also join our sister Churches, St. Paul's and St. Andrew's for joint worship and fun

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